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Do not miss The Academy of Arts Drama on 02/21 and 02/22 "Jane the Nine Day Queen" View Details

Do not miss The Academy of Arts Drama on 02/21 and 02/22 "Jane the Nine Day Queen" View Details

4041 Squankum-Allenwood Rd, Allenwood, NJ 08720
Main Office: 732-341-0860 Fax: 732-844-8833 Email: aca@ambassadornj.org

Our Faculty And Staff

NANCY MERCADANTE NANCY MERCADANTE Head of School nmercadante@ambassadornj.org
SHARON CARNEY SHARON CARNEY Pre-K scarney@ambassadornj.org
SHELLY MONIZ SHELLY MONIZ Kindergarten Assistant smoniz@ambassadornj.org
LEANNE KLUENDER LEANNE KLUENDER Kindergarten lkluender@ambassadornj.org
BETH BREWER BETH BREWER First Grade bbrewer@ambassadornj.org
DIANNA KENNEY DIANNA KENNEY Second Grade dkenney@ambassadornj.org
VALERIE POTTER VALERIE POTTER Third Grade vpotter@ambassadornj.org
LINDA WELLS LINDA WELLS Fourth Grade lwells@ambassadornj.org
PATRICIA HASLAM PATRICIA HASLAM Fifth Grade phaslam@ambassadornj.org
DARIA HUBER DARIA HUBER Upper School: Language Arts, Logic dhuber@ambassadornj.org
DANIEL NELMS DANIEL NELMS Upper School: Humanities dnelms@ambassadornj.org
NICOLE JENSEN NICOLE JENSEN Upper School: Science njensen@ambassadornj.org
SHAWN HYLAND SHAWN HYLAND Bible shyland@ambassadornj.org
DORISH FUENTES DORISH FUENTES Spanish, Latin dfuentes@ambassadornj.org
DAWN DEFELICE DAWN DEFELICE Art ddefelice@ambassadornj.org
JOYCE HAYES JOYCE HAYES Music jhayes@ambassadornj.org
LETTA THOMPSON LETTA THOMPSON Office Manager lthompson@ambassadornj.org
AMANDA BURNS AMANDA BURNS Administrative Assistant aburns@ambassadornj.org

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