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4041 Squankum-Allenwood Rd, Allenwood, NJ 08720
Main Office: 732-341-0860 Fax: 732-414-3221 Email: aca@ambassadornj.org

Our Faculty And Staff

Marcia M. Serenelli, Ed.D. Marcia M. Serenelli Ed.D. Head of School
Shanna Lipp Shanna Lipp Head of Curriculum & Instruction
LETTA THOMPSON LETTA THOMPSON Ass't Director, Admin & Finance
Diane-Monteleone Diane Monteleone Pre-K
Nicole Kaymakcian Nicole Kaymakcian Pre-K
Catherine Brennan Catherine Brennan PK-2 Gym
Debbie Yagid Deborah Yagid Kindergarten
Nancy Thierry Nancy Thierry Kindergarten
Nicholas-Bischoff Nicholas Bischoff Kindergarten Assistant
Tiffany-Thompson Tiffany Thompson Early Childhood Music & Art
Linda Van Salisbury Linda Van Salisbury 1st grade
Kiera Readie Kiera Readie 1st grade
Mindy Powoski Mindy Powoski 2nd Grade
Ember Augustine Ember Augustine 2nd grade
Elizabeth Lawler Elizabeth Lawler 3rd Grade
Kayla Castelli Kayla Castelli 3rd grade
Chale Ashley Chale Ashley 4th Grade
Nancy Rosenberger Nancy Rosenberger 4th grade
Linda Wells Linda Wells 5th grade
Brian Schneider Brian Schneider 3-12 Gym
Pastor-Jack-McDonald Pastor Jack McDonald Middle School Bible
Barbara Drake Barbara Drake Middle School Life Skills
Tiffany McCarrick Tiffany McCarrick Middle School
Gary De Gregorio Gary De Gregorio Middle School History
DARIA HUBER DARIA HUBER Middle School/HS Language Arts
Elaine Post Elaine Post Middle School/High School
Donna Bischoff Dr. Donna Bischoff Middle & High School, Math & Science
DAWN DEFELICE DAWN DEFELICE Middle School, Art & History
Tasha Asay Tasha Asay High School Art
Pastor-Randy-Smith Pastor Randy Smith High School Bible
Anthony-AJ-Delgesso Anthony (AJ) Delgesso High School, Math & Physics
Dale-Crandall Dale Crandall High School, Spanish and Latin
Megan Salas Megan Salas ASL
Heather Gutierrez Heather Gutierrez Permanent Sub
Anthony-Tony-Potter Anthony (Tony) Potter General Duty Aid
Sergio-Fossa Sergio Fossa Music/Band
Kristin-Vander-Pyl Kristin Vander Pyl Nurse
Melissa Collins Melissa Collins School Nurse

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