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Do not miss The Academy of Arts Drama on 02/21 and 02/22 "Jane the Nine Day Queen" View Details

Do not miss The Academy of Arts Drama on 02/21 and 02/22 "Jane the Nine Day Queen" View Details

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Christian School Education Near Manasquan, NJ

Christian School Education Near Manasquan, NJ

The small Jersey shore borough of Manasquan is all about families. This close-knit community is home to many year-round residents with children, with thousands more families visiting during the summer season. And for many of those families that do reside in Manasquan, Christian education for their children is important.

At Ambassador Christian Academy, Manasquan students will be challenged by our fine academic curriculum and enjoy a variety of extracurricular athletic and arts programs. Most importantly, all that we offer at our private Christian school is supported by an environment that honors our Lord and encourages Christian values. Through a partnership of dedicated teachers and staff members, hardworking students, and supportive families, we are the best choice in Manasquan for Christian school education.

Manasquan's K-12 Christian Academy

We have much to offer students of all ages from Manasquan. Christian education is held to the highest standards throughout our entire curriculum, from kindergarten through grade 12. At each grade level, we offer a wide range of courses in all classic academic subjects that serve to not only educate, but to inspire our Christian school community. After school, our students also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities.

A Private Christian School Community in the Manasquan Community

The school community at Ambassador Christian Academy extends into the entire Manasquan community. Many of our students eagerly take part in area leadership projects. We have talented students that compete and collaborate with youngsters from other schools. Our tremendous staff members represent towns throughout the region to join our Christian school family. We welcome all students and offer tuition assistance programs to make Christian private education in Manasquan more affordable.

To learn more about the education and environment at Ambassador Christian Academy, Manasquan families are invited to call us at 732-341-0860 or email aca@ambassadornj.org.

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