What is Script? Script is just another way to say gift cards.  They are the same cards you see in the stores that you normally shop at.  Instead of buying them at the retail store, you can buy them from ACA.

Why Buy Gift Card from ACA?

Retailers sell the cards to ACA at a discount.  ACA sells the cards to you at face value so you get what you pay for.  The best part is that ACA gets the difference as revenue to help the school.  Better yet, ACA will split that revenue with you!  The school takes 50% of their profit from the cards that your family buys and will credit your tuition account for the following school year.  That means less money out of your pocket to pay for tuition.

These tuition rebates will be distributed to participating ACA families around late March-early April as follows: returning families will have their tuition rebate money put toward their next year’s tuition payments. If it is a family who is not returning for the next school year due only to their child graduating 8th grade, payment would be as followed: (1) where tuition & fee payments are current, a tuition rebate check will be mailed directly to the family; (2) where tuition & fee payments are not current, the tuition rebate amount will be applied to any outstanding balances. Please take the time to carefully review all of this as there are many nuances to this program; we hope that you will find it beneficial.

You can start building your tuition rebate balance as soon as you register on-line. Registration is quick & easy . . .



Payment Options

Payment for your order must be received by Monday 10:00 AM in order for your order to be placed that week. Payments can be submitted as per usual, i.e. cash or check made out to ACA, or through a new program called Presto-Pay. Presto-Pay is a convenient way for your family to pay on-line at the time you place your order. Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) will accept the payment on behalf of the school. GLSC will immediately debit your checking account for the face value amount of your order, plus a small convenience fee of $0.15 per order, and hold that payment until the school’s order has been released by the Scrip coordinator. You will be able to register for this feature from your Family Dashboard. There will be a message at the top of the screen “You do not have a Presto-Pay account. Click here to create one.” Simply click on the link to begin the enrollment process. Carefully read the terms and conditions for Presto-Pay and select “Yes, and I agree” if you wish to pay on-line.

What Cards Does ACA Sell?

The quickest way to answer this question is to direct you to since there are hundreds of retailer in the program.

Online Registration

Access the Scrip website via . Go to the green box on the left of the screen titled “Family Sign Up” and click on the create account button. That will bring you to the registration form for the program.

Once registered, you can manage your account through the Family Dashboard. To access you Dashboard, click “My Account” at the top of any page. From here, you can check your account activity or change your profile/password.

Online Ordering

You will also be able to place your scrip orders via this website. Although you’ll still be able to place paper orders, online ordering is preferred. Before placing your first online order, you’ll be required to enter ACA’s enrollment code. Code is available at the school office or with the Script Coordinate.

Extended Family Participation

Extended family members can also register on-line and have their Scrip profits credited to your tuition rebate balance. For this special amendment, written notification (hard copy or e-mail) must be provided to ACA’s Scrip Coordinator, Vicky Zahler ( Written notification should include family member’s name, last name of student(s), and percent to be transferred (up to 50%): for example, if Grandma Sue Smith wants to transfer 25% to grandson Tom Smith and 25% to grandson Bill Jones, she needs to send a note to the Scrip Coordinator as follows:

  1. Her name: Sue Smith

  2. Student’s last name/percent: Smith/25%

  3. Student’s last name/percent: Jones/25%

Please note that in order for this to work, the families of Tom Smith and Bill Jones must already be enrolled on-line in the program.

Unless written notification is submitted as above, all Scrip proceeds from non-ACA families and unregistered ACA families will go into ACA’s general Scrip account.


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